Friday, August 17, 2007

Andy and the Arch

The final project for our masons was to brick-in the area above the window on our front porch. This small section of the house was an addition completed probably 80 years ago. I assume that given the low roof line at the time (you can see it in the photo: the dark wood), no brickwork was done above the window. Our goal: brick up to the porch roof and match the arch which is over all of the other front windows. Below is the "before" photo.

Below: The bricks to be used to create the arch. To match the arch, we wanted to match the light-colored brick used in the other arches on the front of the house. The local brickyard didn't have a very good match. So I cannibalized some bricks from our old house's landscaping and they were nearly perfect. By coincidence, these yellow bricks were salvaged by me and Mary 9+ years ago when the city renovated a bridge within a few blocks of the new house. So in a way, the bricks have returned to where they came from.

Below: The new brick work and arch. The mortar will lighten up once dried.

Below: a few shots of the other tuck-pointing that Andy and Ed did yesterday.

In other news, the plumber has been working away installing all of the drain lines. Not very exciting photos, so I will spare you.

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