Monday, August 20, 2007

Painting Painting Painting

With the impending arrival of the gutters (maybe at the end of this week!) we've been working on painting the trim around the house. We picked up multiple gallons of two colors: "match" (which means that they matched it to the piece of the sage green aluminum cladding that will adorn our exterior windows) and Empire Gold. The "match" will go on all of the trim and eaves while the siding will be painted with the Empire Gold. I threw a first coat of the gold on the siding next to the porch last week. The rest of our work has been in the green color. We bought a brick house in large part because of the nightmares Eric has remembering painting our old (all wood shingle) house with my dad several summers ago. So, in theory, this one should require far less painting! When one considers the crazy roof angles on this house and that each of them have eaves...and they are not exactly easy to reach...this one is becoming quite the challenge as well. As I had the day off, I grabbed the remnants of a can of green paint, climbed out the west dormer, across the don't-ask-how-it's-suspended-scaffolding and onto a lower (and less slanty) roof to scrape off the old red paint in a reachable peak and replace it with a coat of our fresh green. About a half hour's work and that was going swimmingly. I was 90% done when a raindrop hit my arm. "No big deal, it's just a drizzle" I thought...and I had only an inch of paint in the can that was just enough to complete my task. The drops started coming harder and faster "ah, I'm protected by this nice little eave and I've only got another foot to paint, it will be fine" I say to myself. Just as I use up the final remnants of paint the sky opens and unleashes a downpour. I shriek and quickly but CAREFULLY hop across the roof, cautiously scale the scaffolding and dive into the dormer window just as the downpour increases and the wind starts delivering the rain in horizontal sheets. The HVAC guys working in the house who knew I was on the roof were heading upstairs to make sure I'd made it in and laughed at me as I was drenched from head to toe...but that section of the eaves had it's first coat of paint!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the green and your story about getting it painted in the rain. The weather has certainly been unforgiving this week but we certainly need it after that long dry hot spell.

Jennifer said...

Hi, I'm a reporter with The Wall Street Journal in New York and some of your posts fit perfectly into a story I'm working on. I would love to set up a time to talk with you this week or next week. I can be reached at or 212-416-4184. Look forward to hearing from you and really appreciate the help!