Monday, July 30, 2007

A busy afternoon and evening

So we met "Andy" from Ohio Exterminating at the house about 3PM. He basically told us he couldn't guarantee that we do or do not have termites and if we decide to treat with either of 2 methods it will run us about a grand. Oh joy. While he was poking around the house I measured the exterior doors to share with our next stop, M&M doors. Carolyn dropped in just as we were about to scoot off to our next appointment and we shared the color choice for our porch roofing material (something-grey). She was dropping off the wood for the fascia that we would prime later tonight. We hopped on the Vespas and set out to scope out a place one of our window estimators had recommended - M&M Doors. This excursion was a bit trickier than anticipated. They have an address that's on McKinley Avenue - which is currently under construction and one-way (in the wrong direction for us). We had to circle waaaayyy past it on Broad Street before we could locate a connecting through-street that put us on McKinley. And then, with the lack of many buildings with addresses I got nervous that we would pass it (on the 1-way) and have to go all the way back. So we pulled over and I called them..."Uh...where the heck are you?" Apparently, almost there. The manager, Brad gave us over-the-gravel-at-a-neighboring-business-within view directions and actually came outside to wave us over. "If I knew you guys were on SCOOTERS I would have given you different directions!" We parked our bikes next to a non-descript warehouse in a neighborhood where we'd normally likely triple-lock them. Considering how near-impossible it was for us to get there and a noticable lack of foot traffic, we figured they'd be fine (and they were). Brad invited us into the workshop for a peek at their operation. The large one-story place had at least two huge rooms with woodworking equipment in the first one we walked through and doors in various stages of completion in the second. Brad was a really nice guy who was obviously proud about the work they do and eager to share their current projects. We fell in love with a pair of doors they were working on for another project. They were Craftsman-style in detailing with an arched window. Brad joked that we could probably have the ones there if he didnt' hear from the current owners soon.(Alas they were about 6" too wide for our project). He had some other REALLY cool and HUGE doors he's working on for one of the mansions over on Broad Street. We laughed when we found out we even know the owner from the Short North! So, loving our excursion and feeling quite confident that M&M will do an outstanding job if we can afford them, we headed home. Fifteen minutes after we got there a couple showed up to look at the bedroom furniture I'd posted on craigslist, handed over cash and hauled off their new treasures (see my old desk and dresser above). After a quick dinner we headed over to the house for plywood priming. Five huge pieces of plywood sure suck up the primer! Eric had to run over to the hardware store and get us another gallon to finish the task. Hopefully we'll get to see them put to use tomorrow! Oh yes, and the hardi-plank siding is almost done on the side of the house! Pics soon!

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