Tuesday, July 10, 2007

3 week update

As of yesterday the house is close to being roofed. Over the past few days the Phillips crew finished framing the roof and installed the roof decking. Today they should build the porch roofs, and after that they will cut in the skylights and shingle the roof.

Here is a photo from the new flat portion of our roof. While it is a nice view of the park across the street, we won't have a rooftop deck or anything here, so we will have to content ourselves with seeing this view from our living room on the first floor. Soon this roof should be "Estate Gray" instead of the melody of brown tones it is now.

Yesterday kept us busy working out issues with the skylights and the master bedroom roof. While we received a quote for skylights from Pella, they do not install them, a roofer should install them so they are properly flashed and sealed. As we have our roofers on site, they can install them no problem. So they want them ASAP. It's at that point that Pella tells us it will be about 3 weeks before we can get them. Not an option, as I'm not going to tell my roofers to hold off 3 weeks, and I don't want to have to call them back to cut into a roof they just layed 3 weeks ago. So I let my fingers do the walking and found some in-stock Velux skylights at Home Depot. As the dimensions were different than those specified by our architects, we talked about the size options and chose a set that would work best for the space and the roof profile. And Viola! Skylights are on site.

As for the master bedroom, we noticed that the wall under the eyebrow windows was being framed differently than we thought it was designed. After talking to Ray of Phillips Renovation and Steve of Urban Order, it turns out we were the ones who were mistaken. So after talking about our options we are waiting to receive a quote from Ray to open up the ceiling a bit more. Could this be our first costly change order? Stay tuned.

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