Friday, July 27, 2007

Things to ponder

We met with Ray and Carolyn at the house after work tonight to finalize a few more details before they start another job up Worthington-way. First they handed us a little brochure with all sorts of color swatches on it and told us to choose a color for the base layer of our bedroom patio and the top of the back porch roof. While I was immediately drawn to the copper (cool!)...the practicality of matching it with the existing roof materials will likely be the end result with something in a deeper gray tone. Next up E must consult with our architects about insulation r-ratings to see if there's a material that will sufficiently insulate the cathedral ceiling in the living room with the existing beams, or if we'll have to add an additional 6" of beams for more room for thicker insulation (what were YOU thinking about on Friday evening)? Then there's the issue of the downstairs "guest" bathroom. We've got just barely 5' 1" of width to it....just enough to MAYBE fit in our 5' tub once it is drywalled. With free-standing framing on the side that meets the guest bedroom at the brick wall in the back of the bathroom, the wood framing stuck out about 1/2" so R & C suggested firring out the brick just enough to meet the other framing. To do this WITHOUT endangering our already tight space they shifted the opposite wall (between bathroom & study) just slightly...which puts it MAYBE (or not) too close to the existing study window that will be torn out and replaced with a new & different model with more glass/less framing. Eric's consulting with Pella to see it that flies. Our other option is to get out the prybars and remove the remaining 1/2-1" of plaster covering the brick and see if that allows us to squeak the tub in there! We also had to decide how to finish the front porch ceiling- flat or at a slant that reveals more of our brick on the house (we're thinking the latter). Finally, we trekked upstairs and marvelled at the various interesting nooks and crannies of "dead space" in the eaves. Felix had framed in one for a door and we decided to have a couple more framed out for the potential of nifty little storage spaces taking advantage of the otherwise "dead" space. Next up, Carolyn is delivering the cedar siding that E & I need to prime before it can be used for trimming the side of the house and the new dormers. In the near future: the "guts". The HVAC guy might get in sometime in the coming week, the plumber the week after that and then bring on the electrician! Oh, and E's supposed to call City for a structural inspection sometime in the beginning of the week!

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