Tuesday, July 3, 2007

2 weeks of work

Yesterday was the end of the second week with Phillips Renovation's crew on site. While not as dramatic as a new roof line, the crew installed the new ridge beams above the living room and in the closet/den area. The brick mason was called in and bricked in the beams, making it look like they had been there for years.

In other news, the fence between our house and the condos to the East has been installed. Just a few final segments and it will be done. So far, very happy with it.

Yesterday we received 2 estimates for windows, both the new windows for the addition and replacement windows for the old portion. The estimates also included new entrance doors. While the quality looks fantastic, it will take me a while to process how much they cost and how we can fit that into the budget!
Finally, funny story: I went to buy gift cards from the Subway around the corner for the crew. When there I had the distinct impression the clerk didn't know what she was doing. So when I gave the cards to the crew, I told them that and to call me if there was any problem (didn't want the crew mad at me, that's for sure!) And sure enough, the cards didn't have any money on them. But Subway supposedly worked it out. I'll find out more today.

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