Thursday, July 26, 2007

What we saw when delivering the goods

The crew was still at the house this evening when we arrived to drop off our acquired treasures from Jim. Larry announced that they'd finally "cathedralled" the ceiling in the living room (meaning that they cut out all of the joists from former second story floor). We went in to marvel at the space. It was pretty cool when they'd first removed the plywood flooring to be able to peer up to the ceiling from the first floor through the remaining joists. It is mega-cool to stand with an uninterrupted view on the first floor and see the eyebrow window in the peak of the front eaves (yes, we owe you pictures, but didn't have the camera).

If you look back at yesterday's pics from where they removed the siding, Eric mentioned that the old framing was pretty chewed. In retrospect we believe that the likely culprits were termites, but it is impossible to gauge how long ago they may have done that damage or whether they are still lurking about and we are in further danger from those wood carnivores (does that automatically make them herbivores?) Tomorrow's tasks will include consulting an expert on such things. Although we may have complicated the investigation as Larry and the crew already have the whole side shored up and ready for siding!

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