Saturday, February 10, 2007

We love our friends!

Brian and Suz BEAT US to the house on Saturday. Mr. M spent the AM tearing down some kitchen walls and ceiling, then fetched me at work. We were on our way to the house when we got the call that they were already there and waiting for us. It's amazing what two extra sets of hands can accomplish. Brian ripped out all of the remaining framing around the old bathroom "water closet" - it's just a lone toilet now! Suz and I tackled the plaster, lathe and drywall in the kitchen. E was our ace cleanup man shuttling all the debris to the backyard (we've got a new white trash pile started...sorry neighbors!). We curiously discovered that the brick walls in the kitchen (the interior ones) are only 1 layer of brick deep. With missing mortar, you can peer into the entry room from the kitchen. Oh well, they're likely coming down anyways and that should just make it easier! It was going grandly until just before Bri & Suz decided to call it quits and Suz took one last whack at the wall...and it whacked her back. She now sports a gouge over her nose and we'll be looking for bruises in the morning. Sorry Suz! Photos include the lonesome toilet and what remains of the kitchen wall. The stuff clinging to the bottom of the kitchen wall is a royal pain to get off. The plaster was reinforced by some sort of meshing. The PVC pipe was the washer drainpipe. It will go tomorrow!

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