Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bring back the HEAT

To coincide with the coldest Ohio February on record, the furnace ceased to work over the weekend. While we tried to soldier on, not a lot can get done in full snow gear and when you can't feel your fingers... you can't feel it when you hit your fingers with a hammer. While that sounds like a good thing, it's not. So we called our home warranty company and had an HVAC tech come out. $100 deductible later, we were once again feeling some warmth. Turns out the massive dust storm that was created by tearing out the old basement wiring caused the furnace to crash. Makes me glad we were wearing dust masks.

Despite the cold, while I waited for the tech to arrive I did manage to tear out the first floor wiring in the dining room, bath area, study, living room and guest bedroom. So, that just leaves the kitchen and upstairs wiring to be torn out.

Other news: Monday an electrician and a different HVAC contractor walked through to give us quotes on the rebuild portion of the project. My hope is that within the next two weeks we will have ironed out the construction issues and can start coming to terms with contractors.

This week has warmed up, the snow and ice are melting, and we have a dumpster on order for the weekend, so we should have a productive next few days.

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The Martineaus said...

Woo-hoo! And it wasn't (exactly) my fault! Although I admit to contributing to the dust storm!
- Mary