Monday, February 26, 2007

The end is near

At least the end of the Martineau-demolition work is approaching. We got in another 2 good hours tonight. I pried up vinyl tiles in the kitchen while Mr. Martineau went "domestic" and hit the first floor rugs with the shop-vac. Every time we take down a ceiling (like in the kitchen), the entire first floor is covered with a nasty black soot...all the way to the front of the house! So our brown shag rug becomes a shadowy black. Eric attempted to abate this with the shop vac. This required him to change the vac filter or shake it out in the back yard about half a dozen times. And then he changed the furnace filter...if you recall, the furnace went out last week because the filter was so clogged it forced it to shut down. One week later, the thing was black again (kitchen ceiling soot, no doubt). But we stocked up on filters at Lowe's and will faithfully change them now! I finished the kitchen floor (see the previous post for an in-progress view) and lucky us! Kenny had not picked up our weekend dumpster yet, so I piled EVEN MORE stuff on top of the already over-loaded beast. We wonder how he gets the thing out of here without an avalanche of debris, but we assume he's got some professional tricks up his sleeve! We still had some framing timber in the entry room, so that made its way out to the shed for possible reuse and we called it a day. Next steps include taking all of the tools and extra stuff home. We're thinking of having another open house this weekend for any of you who saw it "before" and want the final tour before the contractors start their work so stay tuned!

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