Monday, February 5, 2007

Working on my day off

First thing today after dropping Mr. Martineau off at work, I dropped two sinks and the tub at the Habitat for Humanity Build it Again Center. That earns us a small tax deduction and less space taken up in a landfill. In the afternoon I went by to the house and "cleaned" it in preparation for our walk-through with a potential contractor and our architects on Wednesday. This basically entailed geting rid of the huge plastic tarps we used to consolidate falling debris, putting tools away and then 2 or so hours of vacuuming. It took that long b/c the Shop-Vac attachment is only 4" across and in order to pick up anything it had to be run directly across the carpet. So I covered about every inch of the four rooms on the first floor stooped over (filling 3 shop-vac bags and killing 1 filter). Having so diligently tidied, naturally I had to create more mess. It's quite easy knowing that the electric wires have been cut to all of the outlets. I tore out the baseboard trim on the wall in the kitchen that backs up to the entry room. Two appliance outlets came off with that. Then down came the drywall in nice big pieces. In case I'd been missing it, I found thin beadboard panelling under the drywall. Thankfully, we still had the dumpster and in it went. In KNOW that there's brick under there somewhere, but the currently exposed layer is plaster and lathe. This is something of an anomaly compared to the other walls we've uncovered. We've found plenty of drywall over panelling over plaster and lathe. Or drywall over plaster over brick. This is the first plaster and lathe over brick. So now we ponder whether this used to be the back of the house and the kitchen was an addition. In the "exciting possibility" category, "Ben" of the marvelous farmhouse doors phoned yesterday to offer us the trim from the same house that is to be torn down. Bad news is, it's scheduled for demolition next Monday 2/12...although the owner is threatening to burn it down if he gets a still day between now and then. We are tentatively scheduled to drive up to New Bremen (where the house is) on Wednesday night..after work, after the walk through, after a 2 hour drive...and remove the trim in the dark from the freezing cold farmhouse...anybody want to accompany us on this field trip?

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