Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Waiting Game...

We've interviewed numerous contractors and handy-people to assertain what component of our project they are willing and able to undertake and to find folks we can work with. With the exception of one contractor, we're still awaiting bids (the one we received being virtually twice our budget, although we REALLY liked the guy). We're awaiting bids because these folks are awaiting construction drawings to give them a better idea of the true scope of the work to be done. We signed the contract for the construction drawings today. Now it's "hurry up and wait" for two weeks while Steve and Dean consult with a structural engineer and put their pencils to paper and create the technical drawings. That will enable us to obtain the necessary permits, hire somebody (ies) and get to piecing the place back together! In the meantime, I've discovered the joy of "purging" on Craigslist and the bathroom cabinet from the house now has a new home. As does an old green cabinet with glass drawers from our bedroom. With the first two transactions successfully completed I am contemplating what else I can drag out of the basement and post for sale online. And given the nature of the first contractor bid on the house, it may be a newfound method of funding! Only 1,000 more transactions to go!

Dog update: the name-still-to-be-determined fellow currently going by "Bart" (the name he came with) or "Bogart" (favorite name in the running) is adjusting to life in our home. He doesn't mind his crate unless you've instructed him to go there so that you may leave the house without chaos ensuing and then he whines pitifully. He has determined that the left corner of the couch is a mighty fine perch from which to survey the house or take a nap and Wiley has not challenged him, but maintains her patch of hearth. He has not learned exactly what constitutes a "toy" so slippers, socks, hats and empty water bottles are all fair game. His first true bout of destruction came when we went out to dinner with Dad Mac on Wednesday night. His crate was moved from the guest bedroom to my closet so that Dad might sleep in peace later that night. When we returned an hour later, it was to a snowfall of downy feathers. The down comforter that is his evening bed was too close to his crate (who knew?) He dragged enough of it in with him to put a couple holes in it and get feathers everywhere. He also managed to harvest a sweatshirt, scarf and purse (sorry Heather, your Xmas gift - but only the strap- is TOAST!) from the pegs in my closet hanging next to his crate. How he managed to get all of that stuff INTO his crate between the tiny bars is a complete mystery! This afternoon, E and I were taking a nap and Bart was sitting in the doorway to our bedroom. The most woeful moaning started coming from the hallway...Wiley wanted in and wasn't sure about passing the boy. Apparently she hasn't figured out that while he's a pushy boy, he wouldn't harm a thing, least of all the bigger dog in the house. So after calling her countless times to "come" and getting no result, we decided to try a different tactic...."GET HIM!" To which her response was like, "Really? I can pounce on him?" And we were all, "By all means have at it! We're going to need your help training this (adorable) brat!" And a joyful game of dog posturing and pouncing and bouncing and bounding up and down the hallway ensued. And all parties were quite content. And the newbie was officially initiated into the family.

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John said...

We're paying our carpenter extra to also serve as a general contractor. He takes care of all the subs and arranges all the bids. It's been worth it, he saved us about 2000 on our original drywall bid (more than his GC fee). These guys have really good contacts and can get subcontractor's attention easier than homeowners can.