Saturday, March 3, 2007

Why no housework got done today

We drove to Gahanna Animal Hospital twice before noon to visit with this little guy. He's currently called Bart and he's a rescue from southern Ohio that a local animal rescue group is looking to place. We met him for the first time on Wednesday and fell in love. He had to go to the vet because he wasn't feeling well and it turns out he's got doggy pneumonia. So he was at the vet until today getting properly looked after. Turns out the little guy is feeling better and feisty. For such a calm and mellow fellow, he thrice removed his IV and e-collar. They decided he could leave, but needs sub-cutaneous fluids, and antibiotics for a few more days. So he's back with his foster mom (he might be contagious and she doesn't have any other pets) until Wednesday, has another vet appointment Thursday, and if all goes well from THERE, he might get to come to his "forever home" (ours) by next weekend! So you all say your best doggy prayers that he makes a full recovery very soon! If YOU are looking for a furry new family member, may we recommend

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Novak-MacD Family said...

Yeah! I said my best prayers for the little guy! Sounds like you are coming to the end of the frustration with all of this and getting a very happy ending for you and the boy!!