Friday, March 16, 2007

Back At It

Wednesday we returned to the house to finish pulling the kitchen wiring. While Eric worked on the wiring, Mary cleaned up the second floor, which had what appears to be recently moved insulation scattered across the floor. It looks like one of the wild creatures who live in the house is trying to adapt to the new environment and make space for a new home. Is it the squirrel from the front eaves or the raccoon which lives in our chimney? Can't say. But it looks like our animal issues are far from over.

Today (Friday) we walked through the house with our architect and a structural engineer. The engineer was being consulted regarding the removal of two walls, lowering a floor and modifying the roof line. The good news: he had ideas to accomplish everything. The bad news: it seems every design element impacted some other part of the house, and each of these other areas will likely need some modification to make it work.

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