Monday, March 5, 2007

Houseblog Interrupted

We interrupt this regularly scheduled houseblog for an important bulletin...The Martineau household is now plus one canine...the cute ball of fur in the previous post currently known as "Bart". His foster mom had to watch someone else's dogs and rather than kennel him, she brought him to us. He's on antibiotics, ear drops and we have to do coupage (thump on his side) three times a day to loosen any remaining flem, but he's a delightful young boy. This kid who had been sooooo mellow upon our first two meetings was very animated when we received him today. First order was to go for a walk about the neighborhood. He's a very "close walker" which will inevitably result in tripping me until we teach him the proper "heel." He knows "sit" (reluctantly) and "gimme five" and would prefer to sit in your lap, thank you very much. We've set up the crate in the guest bedroom and he contentedly napped there this afternoon. We set up a baby gate and permitted him to the first floor landing for the evening. There's a small percentage chance that the variety of pneumonia he has/had is contagious so we are keeping Bart and Wiley relatively separated and washing our hands (and faces) after we touch him before we touch Wiley. Bart's very "paw" oriented and will use them to let you know that he wants you to continue petting him, or wants out of the room he's sequestered in and into the one you're in. He's pretty submissive, but demanding when he's determined to have something (like out of his room). He's supposed to not be overly exerting himself and I unknowingly set off a tasmanian devil response when I made a "zerbert" noise at him. He was like "game ON!" and went tearing about the dining room and back at me wanting to be chased. I'm sleeping the the guest bedroom with him tonight. Back to your regularly scheduled programming. But do stop by for a visit and bring an extra treat for Wiley who is adjusting to the intrusion in her single dog solitude.

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