Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We really MEANT to go to the house today!

I got home from work at 4 just as Mr. Martineau and our friend Brian pulled up on their scooters. Obviously mischief was afoot and they were both playing hooky from work. E and I were going to go to the house and remove the last traces of wiring, do general cleaning and get stuff out of there in preparation for the day (someday) that the contractors will start to work. Alas, it was seventy degrees outside and the park beckoned. So a new plan was hatched and we drove to Bri's with the dogs, then walked them (Bogart, Wiiley & Buddy) to Glen Echo Ravine for a romp...and for Wiley a swim in the creek then a slosh through the mud. We hiked back to B's where Wiley got a hose-down and we got beers on the patio. Bri's dog Buddy is a little cattle dog mix who's as friendly as can be to dogs and humans alike. The trio got along fabulously and Wiley and Buddy did their best to wear out Bogart. A great time was had by all. The humans were rewarded with dinner at the Dube.

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