Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday work session part one.

We are at the house by 9am fortified by a homemade waffle breakfast. It is ridiculously (and thankfully) sixty degrees again today. This enables us to do things that would be otherwise unheard of this time of the year. Mary hoses off the new screen door to reveal a buttercream yellow that was barely discernible beneath the layers of dirt. The hose has a hole just under the nozzle which means both Mary and screen door are showered. Eric seals the wood on the front porch and back steps that he cleaned pre-party to ensure that the slippery moss is kept at bay. Mary clears the wall next to the front door of plaster and lathe. Eric clears the backyard of at least one season of leaves. Mary and Eric take a break and walk the dog down the alley to "Side-By-Side Park." It's a lovely venue at the end of the street next to the river. We sit on a bench and enjoy the warm weather and the river and barely notice the highway screaming past just over the bridge. Renewed, it's time to get back to work. Eric clears the accumulated crap from next to the house. Inexplicably this includes a garage door opener. Shed yes, garage no. For our final "morning session duty" we decided to take down the ceiling in the entry/dining room. First we cut the power and remove the disco fan. Then we start popping drywall panels. It's all fun and games until we drop the one over the door and an avalance of old plaster and other crap come raining down upon us. The old ceiling rotted and the debris was trapped behind the dropped panels. Yuck. We load the drywall panels onto the dumpster as a cover and head home for lunch.

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