Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Clean Sweep for the Holidays

We hit the house last night to "clean" it for the holidays. While we'll not be in it for the holidays, we thought it would be nice to not come back to piles of plaster rubble, boards and drywall scraps. Eric hauled many-a-two-by-four out of the house while I shoveled up piles of plaster from a wall I knocked down. When all of the "big stuff" was up, he took a push broom to the living room while I shop-vacced the dining room and middle room. All-in-all it LOOKS cleaner, although taking photos revealed that the air is now even thicker with dust particles. We finished and headed home for showers before going to the Harrison West Society Annual Party to meet some of the new neighbors. The shindig was held at Victorian's Midnight Cafe on 5th Avenue where we've not been for awhile. It is now quite the bar. We checked in, grabbed food and squatted in one of the old diner booths. We were joined by the Reno neighbors who bolted early for a better offer. Grand-dame realtor Kathy took their place and then the rest of the Dooley crew joined us for the drawing of the prizes. We claimed a pound of Appropos coffee for the absent Mrs. Reno and Eric won a GC to the Cafe Corner, a mere three blocks up the road from the new abode, I'm quite sure it will be our new "Dube." (That's the nearby restaurant where we walk to eat when we're too lazy to cook or to drive anywhere).

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