Friday, December 15, 2006

The Comment Wall Came Tumbling Down!

Eric hit the front wall of the entry room (or the dining room as he calls it) and took it down. I hit the comment wall from the party in the same room and worked my way around the corner towards the kitchen and back bedroom. More drywall corners were tackled and removed. The front room is now drywall-free. We were disappointed that neither of the transoms we discovered were intact. Eric uncovered the one over the front door that had a frame, but no glass. I unwalled one over the kitchen doorway, it was just an empty space, not even the frame remained, although the space was obviously a transom in the past. Former owner, Jim Teasley told us at closing that the place was so well insulated that it didn't need AC. He wasn't kidding. The entry room had at least 6 inches of pink fiberglass on the exterior wall and other rooms have had styrofoam panels behind drywall, not to mention that the walls are so built out that each consecutive layer is another insulator! Today the dumpster arrives. We're taking that as an opportunity to clear some our our enormous (and growing daily) backyard pile. Then we're going to tackle all of the plaster and lathe on the interior walls and knock it out. This may not be that hard as I am amazed at how many of the interior walls are turning out to be brick! The dividing wall between the dining room and kitchen (comment wall) is looking pretty brick-y behind the plaster that was covered by drywall. The doorframe of the back bedroom and the wall that separates it from the middle room is brick. I took down a section of panelling around the doorway of the steps to the second floor...more brick. This house is SOLID!

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