Monday, December 18, 2006

Sunday session part deux. A productive afternoon.

We returned rejuvenated by ham sandwiches and Oreos (definitely by the Oreos). Eric climbed the ladder and began removing the rest of the framework in the living room and the middle room. Me, the prybar, screwdriver and hammer attacked the plaster on the back and side of the middle room. We got a nice break when neighbors Bob and Jeff stopped by for a tour. Bob had seen the house the night of the party, but Jeff had not. They (like us) were in awe of the 10 foot ceilings and how open the house looks with so much panelling and "extra stuff" on the walls removed. It was nice to hear how "great" the house looks (with plaster all over the floor and wires sticking out of the walls) and how much potential it has as we are mired in the nitty gritty of demolition. We gave the full tour from top to bottom with all of the hypothetical plans and then they were off and it was back to work. Eric started taking off the "what the?" panelling from above the dropped ceiling, and I engaged in more plaster removal. We were getting ready to call it quits for the (very long) day when the scooter posse arrived. Joe, Andrea, Dave and Dave all arrived out front, coincidentally and simultaneously as Brian and Suz pulled up on their Stella in the back. Another tour was given and more astonishment at how much stuff we've done and how much potential the house possesses. All good feedback for a very long day's work. To reward ourselves we joined the gang at the Press Grill (after a hot shower) for the Sunday sirloin steak special. Shortly thereafter we collapsed exhaustedly into bed.

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