Thursday, June 28, 2007

Get higher, baby.

The framing crew put up the first new rafters for the peaked roof and also framed out the dormer wall for the master bedroom. Quite a sight seeing how much higher it makes the second story appear.

Below you can see how the new peaked-roof is visible from the front of the house.

Yesterday also saw the fence company tear out the fence separating our yard from the condos next-door. The condo owners assoc. had approached us about their desire to replace the old chain-link and rotting stockade fence. We agreed to share the cost for the portion running between our properties. Dave from the condos did all the leg work getting the bids and talking with the company. But when I arrived to check in with our framing contractors, I noticed that the fencing crew had sunk a fence post in our front yard when the plans called for the fence to end at the back-corner of our house! A quick call to Dave and it was all worked out (they mis-read the drawings), and the fence installers were actually very cool about it. They were VERY grateful that I caught the problem before the concrete had set. So they pulled the post and set a new one in the correct spot. Here's a photo showing how far they were extending the fence. The guy is actually removing the post.

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