Sunday, June 24, 2007

$67.00 Cheaper

Saturday I loaded the van with the 70+ lbs of electrical wire we pulled from the house as well as a couple of iron pipes and a section of aluminum gutter and soffit pieces. I took the whole pile to the local metal recycler and netted $67.00 for the effort. Now, it was satisfying enough to know that this stuff wouldn't end up in a landfill, but I'm not above smiling at a small financial bonus. Heck, it'll buy a light fixture for the new place.

Otherwise I spent time inventorying our old door stock. We have some really nice options, but then my mind starts to dwell on door-opening direction. Do you know which way most doors open? Is the knob on the right and you push or on the left and you pull (which is left/pull or right pull the other direction)? Does it matter? Do they open into rooms or out? And is there a different rule for different rooms? You down with OCD? Yeah, you know me (yes, I know, the joke dates me).


John said...

Doors typically open into a room knobs on the right, but it's not Gospel. We reversed the door to our closet and switched a few others. No one will ever notice.

Glad to see the project is moving along. Best of luck.

The Martineaus said...

Thanks, John. Yes, I'd come to the same conclusion by paying attention to the doors in our "old" house. I appreciate the tip that if we reverse some, nobody will notice, as it seems we will reverse some.

Thanks again.