Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The 411 as of 6/13

We have the permit. We picked it up a couple of weeks ago. It was approved after a slight modification to the porch and dormer design so as to create a 3' setback from our property line. Now, almost all of our house is 2'4'' from the property line on one side, and that will not have to change ("yes, please move your 100+ year old house 8 inches to the east!). But the new components have to be 3' from the line. So our Architects made the changes and Viola! Permit.

What else is new? Raccoon-o-rama. We caught our 2nd and 3rd raccoons last week. That makes the total to date 3 raccoons and 1 squirrel caught inside the house. And when I mentioned catching 2 raccoons in 2 days to our neighbor, he laughed a bit and said he watched 3 baby raccoons walk across our roof the other night. So we expect to catch another any day.

I have also spent some time in the basement cleaning and painting one of the rooms. I'm not doing finish painting, just priming the joists which had been painted once before, probably during the FDR administration. As part of that project I've removed 100+ years of random nails, staples and screws set in the joists, and since we are having the house re-plumbed, I tore out the old water pipes as well. While taking out the water pipes, I realized pvc plumbing has one major advantage over metal pipe: you can take it out with a tree-lopper. Without any wires or pipes other than gas pipes (I don't touch gas pipes... a bit of a phobia), the room looks mighty spacious.

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