Monday, April 9, 2007

A trip to Chicago...Ok IKEA!

So for Easter weekend we jumped on Hotwire and got a sweet deal at a 3.5 star hotel- the Hyatt Regency Woodfield- in Schaumburg (& it's rated 4 stars on Travelocity, but with the anonymous Hotwire system, you don't know until you've paid), trust me- it's a bargain. Our purpose was two-fold: visit Grandma Mac and idea-shop at IKEA. Our first task was accomplished. We dropped in on G-Mac upon arrival Saturday afternoon and again after breakfast on Sunday morning. We had two charming visits, the second augmented by the arrival of my uncle, aunt, cousin, her husband and their 3 adorable girls.

Then it was off for power-shopping at the big blue and yellow box. We picked out our dream kitchen cabinets, a leather couch and numerous other components...on paper. What we actually took home was two sinks. This one for the bathroom Now all we need to do is find a cute cabinet for it to live in.

And this beauty for the kitchen

And eveything else was purely hypothetical....until we got to the ground floor (IKEA newbies here's your tutorial: you start at the top floor and work your way down)...and there we discovered a brand new department for organizing...your attic, garage, basement....and your wine cellar! Now, for those of you who have come this far with us from the outset, you are aware that there's a funky little side room in the basement that we christened the "wine cellar" before we ever put a bid on the house. And this is the silly little "fun" project that Eric and I like to fanatasize about while ignoring the practicality and cost factors of making such delusions a reality...until we hit the ground floor of IKEA and realized that their assemble-it-yourself-version would run us a couple hundred bucks...a fraction of getting the thing online (albeit higher grade wood than your standard IKEA pine) ...and this is why I ADORE my I'm willing to wait on this until we're further along (reluctantly) in the project, he's all, "let's buy it already!" Fortuitously, Girl Friday had the room dimensions scribbled in her planner and from there it was quick multiplication and division to determine how many pieces parts we needed (and a separate cart to stack it all on). When we started there was a pallet of wine bottle the time we picked through them for the choice ones there was a stack. Someday we'll have an assembly of these:
in our little cellar. Do stop by for a glass of wine or a bottle of Eric's homebrewed beer!

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