Friday, April 13, 2007

Securing and stockpiling

So today another contractor walked through the house with the drawings. While he did that I attached a piece of plywood over the window facing the backyard in the guest bedroom. When we were doing demo it was just too easy to pitch stuff out of the second floor window into the yard. Alas, on one of those overzealous heaves, a piece of drywall hit the top half of the window and put a crack in it. Just a crack, nothing serious....until that galeforce guster we had earlier this week. Apparently it was blowing full on at the house and it was just too much for the compromised glass. It blew into the house. Eric cleaned up the mess and put up a plastic bag for temporary purposes. Today I carefully balanced on a stepladder, braced the piece against the wall with one hand and maneuvered a power drill/screwdriver with the other to secure it...I am woman hear me roar! Then I set up a nice little elevated spot in the "wine cellar" and stacked all of the wine rack pieces and most of our doors to get them out of the way of future contractors. Having finished that I remembered that we still have a living room full of trim that will need similar storage....but that's for another day!

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