Thursday, April 12, 2007

Man Against Nature

Chapter 2 in the battle against basement water penetration. The good guys have achieved a victory!

Yesterday there were two rather heavy storm cells that poured down rain on Columbus. As the major storm system a few weeks ago left an inch +/- of water covering part of our basement floor, last week Eric cleaned the gutters again and modified the gutter system to discharge into small channels leading away from the front of the house. He also cleaned his neighbor's house's downspout and channelled it's gutters away from our house. Now, the fact that the neighbor's gutters barely work but instead pour water between our houses is still a concern, but that is another battle.

So it rained pretty hard yesterday. Twice. During the first downpour Eric stopped by to survey the system. It was working, with the water flowing away from the house rather than just pooling nearby. The real test? Checking the basement this morning. And it is dry! So at least as far as the rainfall from yesterday, the good guys seem to have weathered the storm.

Other news: Yesterday one of our contractors walked through the property to be certain the scope and nature of the work was clear before submitting a bid. Which was a good thing, as the contractor discovered a couple of issues with the drawings that need to be changed (we don't want a porch ceiling built across our transom window!) Another contractor is doing the same this afternoon, so we will hopefully have some bids in the near future.

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