Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just in time to add Halloween flair

You may recall that about this time last year we went on an adventure to Dayton and purchased an old wrought iron fence. Those unwieldy pieces have been resting in the backyard (chained up of course given the price of scrap metal these days) since we moved in back in April. Yesterday, E got the brilliant idea that we should try to put it up. So off to Lowe's we went to purchase rebar and straps. We had six lengths of wrought iron fencing in various lengths. The fence took about an hour to install, each length had a wrought iron tube attached which was perfect for hammering a piece of rebar in to anchor it. We used metal straps to anchor the end pieces to the hand rail and adjacent sections of fence. Here's Eric levelling the fence:
The view from the sidewalk:

An "artistic" view from the lawn...
One of these days we'll scrape and repaint the fence black. For now we think it adds extra spooky ambiance to our Halloween decor!

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