Thursday, April 3, 2008

Puttering about here and there

We've been over to the house the last couple evenings and the weather's been so nice that we weren't overly inclined to work INSIDE. Not to mention we are now (still) in possession of an extra dog and the three like to romp in the yard. So Eric has been working on constructing a make-do fence with all of the pieces parts that we've got lying about: fencing planks from friend Jim, posts from the now-defunct front deck, random wood beams from whatever else. The current conglomeration is looking a little white trash, but it will have to do for a bit while E assembles something better. Meanwhile I started to tidy up the mountain of bricks. Once upon a time they were organized: the red-orange bricks from the wall taken down in the center of the house, the hard-fired pink ones from the chimney and exterior walls and the pavers from the porch foundation. At some point they started looking chaotic, falling over, getting mixed up, etc. As seen here:
So we took a pallet, put it on the side of the house and started re-organizing them. It's a nice workout to haul half a dozen bricks at a time across the yard. And eventually, our brickyard will return to our actual yard and we'll have better access to the shed. Today I did a little bit of polyurethaning in the master bedroom. The side cabinets and one eyebrow window. We want to get that done so that we can move into our bedroom "for real." Who needs a really charming young male golden retriever? Animal Kingdom continues!

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