Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Projects...

Ever since we purchased our rolling library ladder earlier this week we have been eager to fully install it so that we can climb up into the loft without damaging the wall (as we would if we tried while it was just leaning there). Which is not to say we didn't think it wasn't uber cool when we were just sitting in bed admiring our awesome find. We weren't sure how difficult the task would be, but were delighted when it all came together in under half an hour. First I removed the extended bracket pieces while Eric drilled out a piece of dowel rod that was stuck in our rolling bar. Then I climbed up into the loft (carefully using the library ladder) and held the bar in place about where we thought we were going to hang it. Once we decided on the spot I threaded the brackets onto the roll bar (it's hollow and has a slit on the back).

In retrospect, we're extremely lucky that we found both a roll bar and the hardware as we certainly could have rigged something up, but it would have been a little more difficult not to mention not as secure as the existing system. Eric used the stud finder to determine the best spot to anchor the bracket that would be closest to the ladder. Once that was in we checked level on the bar and anchored the other end. From there we used the stud finder to locate joists in the center to attach the other two brackets, and we were in business! Here's a view of the ladder's roll bar:

And the full view from across the room (obviously we won't be rolling it at all with the lingerie chest and TV in the way, but we could if we wanted to move everything!)
Eric looking gargantuan from below tests the ladder:
And a view from the other side of the room: We are quite pleased with the result! Eric also wired the Max and Erma's lamp:
We still have to figure out where we're going to hang it, but in the meantime it's ready to go once we make the decision!

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