Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If you ever need a special gift....

My very talented friend, Anne Simon, is an amazing glass artist. She's been working in stained glass and creating her own unique designs for more than a decade. She "recently" (well, recently in the time I've known her, which probably means in the last 5 years....or more) has begun working with fused glass. The combination of her gorgeous fused glass panels incorporated into her stained glass designs is stunning. And now others are recognizing her genius. Anne was just featured on a well-known craft blog: Found-Handmade: Flowers , Water, & Sky
And she's got a terrific etsy site: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5672973 should you ever need to buy your your wife/girlfriend/sister/favorite aunt/ or me (Mary) a unique, beautiful, affordable gift! If it's too much to shop online (or you're the type that needs to touch and feel things before you buy them) I suppose you could just wait until the last weekend in June and track her down at Community Festival in Goodale Park. Anne and I have been ComFest booth neighbors/partners for the better part of a dozen years. And it's all good unless we're experiencing one of those notorious ComFest monsoons. In which case we'll be happy to offer you shelter (we create quite the rain-preventitive-but hardly rainproof -bunker) but if you try to shop while we're holding onto our tent for dear life you'll likely find yourself cast out to fend for yourself. We'll be in Goodale Park June 26-28 on the park side of Park Street about 12 booths north of the main park entrance. Look for the yellow Wish Art Glass flag flying proudly over our booth!

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wishartglass said...

You rock, Mary! Your blog and the house look fabulous! Thanks for the plug!