Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The only original window left

Below is the door to our basement. Many decades ago it used to lead to the front porch. The transom window is the only original window left in the house. As you can see, the window had been painted along with the door jam.
On Saturday I scraped the paint on the edge of the door jam and also removed the transom window. It had been nailed shut, so it was no easy task. After removing the transom I scraped off the multiple layers of paint, sanded it, and stained it to match the door casings. I cleaned and scraped the glass as well, though only on the 1 side. Since it looks out on our basement stairs, I wanted to keep the it opaque. While I do have to still polyurethane it, and also add a latch since it now will hang open, I am quite happy with the results of my 1/2 day project.

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