Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ComFest is coming! New merch includes coasters with Ohio rocks image!

ComFest is now just days away and I've been working my little fingers to the bone to create an inventory worthy of my favorite event. This year's stock includes:

Short North themed items including: mirrors, coasters and magnets (2 types this time!) Comic character items including: coasters, magnets and buttons

Buttons galore! Comic buttons, celebrity buttons (does this make them ironic?), scooter buttons and more!

Sooo many magnets: bottle cap magnets, bubble magnets, button magnets

Clinton Reno collaborations: Ohio Rocks!* And Ohio wine coasters and pendants

And one of my newest additions, pendants! Short North pendants, scooter pendants, comic pendants, artsy pendants and, of course, pendants featuring snippets of artwork by Clinton Reno!I fell into the COOLEST display for the pendants hanging out in our friend's back yard drinking wine. (We'll call him Lex). In the corner of the yard was this trellis that looked just the right size to hang my mini-artwork. He was kind enough to lend it to me (kinder still to lug it out to the van even) and VOILA! I'm loving it! YELLOW SPRINGS CLEARANCE: since I've given up on the Yellow Springs Street Fair (I still love you Yellow Springs, but your $165 entry fee is just too rich for my blood and I'm afraid the quality of your vendors has declined)...there will be HUGE DISCOUNTS on all Yellow Springs merch including mirrors (reg. $35 now $10), coasters (reg. $8 each now $3 each and 4/$10), and magnets (reg. $5 each now $2 each and 3/$5)! So if you love YS come get some great deals!
Hope to see you at ComFest. Anne of Wish Art Glass and I will be in our usual spot on the park side of Park Street about 12 booths or so north of the main park entrance. Look for the Wish flag flying over our booth. Brother Michael will be our worker bee for the weekend (fondly known as Baby Martineau to some of you) so stop by and say "Hi!" And for goodness sake bring us a beer!

*Ohio Rocks! is by no means any sort of (our) registered trademark, it's merely how we casually refer to this image created by my graphic designer friend.


Dilara said...

Yay, love the new stuff! Can't wait to see you at Comfest (I am so nervous about it I feel like I might puke my guts out)

The Martineaus said...

Nothing to be nervous about. It will be fun! And VERY VERY tiring..I hope you took Monday off!

JafaBrit's Art said...

It's a shame you are giving up on the Street Fair (but I can understand) what about the new store (they might want to carry your stuff). It is on Xenia Avenue and called Urban Handmade.