Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fencing on the cheap

On a trip to Lowe's yesterday Mary saw some metal fence panels which resemble the vintage wroght-iron we have across our front yard. It's not a perfect match, but the tines profile is the same, and it has gates, too! $300+ later, we had purchased enough panels and gates to enclose our front yard, meaning we can sit out there with the dogs and not worry about them making a dash to the park across the street!

The only new part in the photo below is the gate, which blends in nicely.

On the left is the antique fencing, and from the gate to the right is the new.

We still have to complete the west side of the yard, but that will entail removing a stretch of old chain-link fence and posts and also drilling into concrete, so that will have to be done another day!


Peter said...

How do you install this fence? I am looking for a new fence for my front yard for my dogs as well. Are these sturdy?

The Martineaus said...

This is Grand Empire fencing. It installs using star-shaped mounting brackets pounded about 1' into the ground. It is decently sturdy in the panel section, but the gate latches are barely functional. Simply pushing on them opens the gate, so I'll have to put a section of chain to loop over the end pickets. If you have pushy dogs or jumpers, might not work. But if your dogs are small and/or not prone to charging into fences, it should work so long as you upgrage the gate latch.