Thursday, March 5, 2009

Brick Paver Haul

With the temperature above 50 today for the first time in months, I thought of the backyard and our patio plans. A quick search on Craigslist and I found a listing for some granite edging stones. I arranged to look at them around 5pm. Turns out that in addition to the great granite pieces the guy was also selling antique paver bricks. These are the bricks that most Ohio streets were built using before asphalt took over. Historic districts still have the paver streets (and any section of town before 1940 probably has the brick under the asphalt). These bricks are all different makes, including Nelsonville, Hocking, etc. and even some Ohio State Penitentiary blocks which read "convict" since that was who made them.

So here's our haul. Please don't tell our VW mechanic as we might have stretched the weight limit of the Eurovan.

We were very lucky in that the seller had a dolly to move the bricks close to the van. And once home, our good neighbors Clinton & Becky (and Wyatt) helped unload the bricks. In thanks, we gave them the "Clinton" stamped brick. Sorry, no Becky or Wyatt stamped bricks.

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ellipsisknits said...

I would love to get some vintage bricks to make a front walk with - I'd never thought of looking for them on craig's list.
What a great score!
(my houseblog isn't on my blogger account -