Sunday, January 18, 2009

Back to the basement!

...on the continuing tour of our overloaded basement. I didn't take this pic last time:
The comic book stash. It greets you as you enter the basement. We spent the majority of our Saturday down there and felt mighty accomplished. First, a glimpse at the space "before" the multi-boxed cabinet goes up. That concrete wall is holding back lots of dirt, and not very well.
In front of the brick wall above all of our leftover doors used to reside leaning up against the wall. First order of business was to move them to the middle room:
Eric assembled a nifty support system and voila! Lots of storage.

As I was emptying boxes and filling the cubbies with hardware parts I discovered that it was originally used in a hardware store after all! On the side of each box is a space where the description of what it used to house (nails, screws, etc) and the sizes are written!
The man and his masterpiece:
For "fun" we then put up a shelf for our supply of spray paint:

The shelf came from an old JoAnn Fabrics store that used to be in the neighborhood but went out of business years ago. I have a small obsession with retail fixtures (thanks to my first "real" job as a manager at a Department Store) so I scavenged the place when they were having their going out of business sale and thought I could use it to house my craft stuff (specifically coasters at ComFest). Instead it gathered dust and took up space on a shelf at the old house, but it seems to have found the perfect use at this one (thus encouraging me to continue to keep other stuff I've not yet found a use for). It's an odd assortment of colors that I really keep meaning to weed out and donate to some artistic cause (we have 4 cans of dayglo orange and 4 of boring gray for instance), but in the meantime we just move it around. The shelf really JUST FIT every last can of spray paint we own, so if we acquire more we'll have to get rid of at least a few cans!


Fine Family said...

should I be suspicious of the tagging I've heard about in Columbus?

The Martineaus said...

Well, as you can see by our prolific stock of spray paint, we're certainly not using it!

Morocco Time said...

OK, we only have two questions. :)

1. What gems do you have in those comic boxes? (him)

2. Aren't you worried about the damp? (her)

3. OK, one more - any old Conans? (her)

The Martineaus said...

Morocco Time-
Answers: 1. A fine collection of primarily DC comics.

2. We did worry about the damp, but have taken some good measures to alleviate the previous flooding and store most everything 6-8 inches off the ground.

3. I don't think he has any Conans.