Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween horrors!

Eric and I like to have fun in couples costumes when possible for Halloween. We've been Zorro and his lady love, Storm and Cyclops of the Xmen and one of the more goofy/ingenious creations: the Verizon wireless guy (can you hear me now?) and Eva Save-a-lot. This year we went with Amy Winehouse and husband Blake Fielder-Civil. It might be our most frightening combination yet. Do you have any idea how time-consuming it is to apply that many (realistically researched) temporary tatoos? Or the crazy eyes? Behold the power of wifebeater, fake fur and bouffant beehive hairdo:
Eric gives a worthy cracked-out look:
The duo:
We went to a party at the Adam's famiily household and shared couchtime with "Sheriff Aggie":
MUCH earlier in the evening we were visited by the too darling Reno clan:
Amy Winehouse was a far from original costume as there were three others at the party we attended. But Ivan had to be one of my favorites:
Bru and Amanda came with us. Amanda makes a mean Sarah Palin. She met her running mate at the Halloween High Ball:
Angela B wins for most realistic portrayal of Amy Winehouse. I think that's even her own hair: One may question who is the drag queen in this photo:

And it would be a legitimate query!

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jenn said...

Just had a moment to check out the blog...and damn, I wanna be in OHIO next Halloween. You guys have too much fun!And you both looked great!